List O' Links

    Here is an all new and improved link page.  Many hours of
    informative and enjoyable reading await you.  This page will
    always be under construction with new links added regularly.
    If you have a website, or know of one that you think is
    worth our while, feel free to email me.  If I agree, then
    I'll add it to the list!
    Andy Zarowny/

Kurt Saxon's Webpage:: The grandmaster of classical technology and improvisation himself. Be sure to read his 'Clarence' stories!
Backwoods Home Magazine: : A darn good magazine, mandatory reading if you are planning a move into the country or developing a rural skill-base.
Small Farm and Woodlots:: Plenty of good stuff here, especially their link pages. On-line Homesteading Resource:: Another good place for learning about homesteading, and nice links. Check out their Internet Sites under Wild Resource/Survival links.
Edible Wild Plants:: Learn what and what not to eat. Very nice set of links.
The Gun Page:: Okay, here's a great site with tons of good stuff! Check out 'GunHoo' for plenty of links.
Sniper Country:: Need I say more???
Survival Enterprises:: Lot's of great stuff for sale. Nice prices on rifles, too!
M1 - Garand Manual, FM 23-5:: Learn the ins and outs of the best rifle ever made!
Dixie Gun Works:: Here's one for you antique and blackpowder folks. They have a great selection of goodies.
Alternative Fuels Data Center: All sorts of good info here. Sometimes our tax dollars are not wasted.
Biofuels Information Network: Another good government sponsered database for info on using grass, trees, etc... for energy.
Ananda Power Technologies: Commercial supplier of solar energy systems.
Eco-Home: Build yourself that house that has it all, and needs little else.
Home Power Magazine: Solar, wind, etc..., it's all here. Get off that grid and stay off!
Solar Cooking Archive: Plans, etc..., everything you need to know to be cooking by Sun power.
Wind Energy Weekly: Another archive, this time dealing with windmills and wind power.
Survival Bible 2001: I haven't read much of this myself, it seems something that Desert or Loompanics would publish. But you may find something useful.
The Survival Center: This site is for those of you who want a big catalog full of ads for nitrogen-packed or freeze-dried food, and other commercial equipment. Warm up that checkbook and creditcard, they are VERY pricey!
NITRO-PAK Preparedness Center: Like the above, another place to buy that commercial survival gear.
SURVIVAL MAGAZINE (On-Line): Here's an interesting site with some good articles. They also have a classified section in case you want to buy or sell.
The PackRat Cache: This is a great site with dozens of links and addresses.
Best Prices Storable Foods: Yep, they ain't kidding, pretty good prices on those MREs!
The Canteen: All sorts of goodies here. News, info, products, and a chatroom, too!
Happy Hovel Foods: Long-term storage foods, survival goodies, bizarre links, and even tapes of Ramtha teachings! Who can ask for more? (Hehehe)
The Epicenter: This link takes you to their plans for making a generator out of scrap auto and lawn mower parts. Also check out their Food & Water storage section, great prices on MREs and other foods.