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Welcome to my list of books! Be sure to visit this site often as I will be adding more to it in the future. I basically like science fiction and action/techno-thrillers. So, for your enjoyment, I am providing you with some insight as to what turns me on. Better than that, in association with Amazon Books, the largest book retailer on the Internet (, you can even order copies of books from my list directly from Amazon.

Sure, I get a piece of the action. But when it comes to buying books on the Internet, Amazon is champs! Their site provides security for purchase orders, excellent customer service, great deals (usually 20-40% off cover price), and many books are shipped within 24 hours of ordering. How can you go wrong? So check out the list, read my reviews, and if you are interested in buying a copy, then just click on the book title. That will hyper-link you directly to Amazon's ordering center.

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Science Fiction Selections

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein: Forget the upcoming movie! This Sci-Fi novel is one of the best books ever written! The classic tale of a boy's passage into manhood.
2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke and Stanely Kubrick: In this case, the movie was as good if not better than the book. In short, an object is found on the Moon, buried deliberately 4 million years ago. The journey to solve this mystery begins.
3001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke: The final installation in this amazing series. Perhaps? Questions answered, and a few more raised. A must read.
Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson: Terrific novel of the first human colony on Mars. Plenty of science facts and drama. And this is only the first book of the series!
Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson: The second book in trilogy. The first 100 colonists build their settlement, and begin terra-forming Mars. A life-extending drug is introduced, permitting them to live for centuries.
Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson: Part 3 of trilogy. The first 100 colonists are dying off after 3 centuries. Earth is in peril and Mars may be soon under it's iron boot.
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card: Almost wiped out by alien invasion, Earth raises a special breed of children, trained in the military arts. But at what cost to the soul is security?
Avenger (Star Trek) by William Shatner: Also written with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, is actually pretty good. Better plot than First Contact in my opinion. Kirk, returning from Borg homeworld, helps save the Federation once more!
Destiny's Road by Larry Niven: One of my favorite authors, Niven spins a yarn of a human colony on the planet Destiny. Conflict and revolt leads to many leaving. Those who stay behind struggle as society and equipment breaksdown.

The Fiction of Tom Clancy

Patriot Games: Though the second book published in the Jack Ryan series, this is actually the first, time-line-wise. Ryan saves British Royalty from IRA splinter terrorists and puts his family in the line of fire.
The Hunt for Red October: A Soviet naval captain plans to defect, taking with him the most dangerous submarine ever built. Jack Ryan tries to save him, before the Soviet and USN sink the Red October!
The Cardinal of the Kremlin: While talking disarmament of nuclear weapons, the Soviets build a laser weapon. The info is passed on to CIA by a deep cover spy that Ryan must rescue.
Clear and Present Danger: In response to the narcoctics trade, a secret, renegade mission is launched to bloody the drug cartel's nose. Jack Ryan must fight them and a President who has stepped over the line of law.
The Sum of All Fears: While Jack Ryan and associates work to bring peace to the Middle East, terrorists find the remians of an Israel nuke. With it, they attack the US at the SuperBowl, nearly bringing on WW3.
Debt of Honor: A handful of Japanese industrialists and military officers conspire to retake Okinawa and cripple the US economy. A dramatic ending leaves Jack Ryan has President! You gotta read this one!
Executive Orders: Latest in Jack Ryan series. Like Ryan doesn't have enough problems with most of Congress wiped out,, now Iran seizes Iraq, invades Saudi Arabia, and spreads Ebola in US! Action galore!
Without Remorse: While not an 'official' Jack Ryan book, this one centers on Ryan's friend, the mysterious Mr. John Clark. Learn what makes this man of action tick. Great, exciting read!
Red Storm Rising: Though no Jack Ryan, this is a must read! After Muslim terrorists cripple Soviet economy, the Soviets attack NATO and WW3 begins. If ever a book deserved a 10 part TV mini-series, it's this one!
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