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"SERF'S UP!" is the voice of Peasant Anarchy! Our goal is to promote a peaceful, non-violent revolution against 'The System' by means of disengaging yourself from 'The System'. This is accomplished by learning to be as self-sufficient as possible, altering your lifestyle away from the trap of 'Pavlovian Consumerism'. By lessening your dependence on money, you can voluntarily earn less, therefore paying fewer taxes, buying less from Corporate U.S.A., and deny them the blood-money with which they use to enslave us all. You begin this journey with short, simple steps. Starting a garden, buying food and other neccessities in bulk, becoming a savy, frugal consumer. Learning new skills such as plumbing, auto repair, sewing, etc..., all contribute to your ability to be self-sufficient and less dependent on income. In time, you may even choose to use your skills to become self-employed and be independent of the whims of the Boss-Man.

High-Density Fruit Orchards!!!

Available at long last, the booklet, which shows you how to grow 
upwards of 1,000 to 1,500 pounds of fresh fruit,
depending on which fruit you choose to raise, in a 12 foot by 24 foot area.  Apples are
the most productive, with peaches running a close second.
You can even grow a combination in a single plot of several
varieties.  This is the sort of practical information you
will need to become more self-sufficient. The price is $5.00 (US), plus Postage and Handling. For a copy of this booklet, if in USA, 
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Our extensive series of articles, entitled "BEYOND BARTER: A Guide To Alternative Currency And Banking Systems, is wrapped up with the latest issue of "SERF'S UP!". This series demonstrates just how easy it is to establish an alternative monetary system in your community. There are already many doing just this, as they are cash-starved by the conventional money system. Using local script, jobs and credit are created. Other articles feature the ins and outs of old silver and gold coins, individuals issuing their own promisary notes, and methods for protecting your financial privacy. For a complete package of all back-issues containing this important series, send $20.00(US) via PAYPAL and save $5.00 to sign up.

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Here At This Website: When Autumn Leaves Fall

I have be posted a fictional writing project here. This project is be designed to be a guide to helping you in your quest for achieving self-sufficiency and striking a blow against The Establishment via economic withdrawl. This project will be serialized in future issues of "SERF'S UP!". For more information about this or anything else, feel free to email me at

UPDATE!!! The rough draft of "When Autumn Leaves Fall" is now posted. I probably will edit it and may add additional material in the future. But for now, read and enjoy!

Andy 4/23/97


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