Are You Ready For Action???

Join Team Black Bag for the most exciting action on IRC!

Every Sunday at 7pm Eastern (USA), Team Black Bag leaps into action on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This is the most exciting, action-packed simulation anywhere! Whether fighting terrorists or other 'Black Ops', you are there, assuming the role of a character you create. As you participate, you will be promoted (if you survive) and expand your skills.

We 'sim' on StarLink-IRC, popular servers are:

all using port 6667. The channel is #StarBase.

If you are not familiar with IRC go to the IRC Intro Page listed below. If you need to download the neccessary software, then go to the Official mIRC Page or to Tucows. Contact me for a copy of our rules and for a character biography form at

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

IRC New Users Info Page: A primer in the joys of Internet Relay Chat.
The Official mIRC Page: Download site for mIRC
Tucows: Tons of programs to download, including all the popular IRC ones.
SFSC Homepage: Site for many IRC simulations and related info.
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Andrew Zarowny

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